A manufactured illusion. Dr David Martin with Reiner Fuellmich 9/7/21

This is one of the most important videos you will ever watch – real legal evidence of the dreadful scam – Thank goodness for such brilliance by the amazing DR David Martin  & Reiner Fuellmich and his team – PLEASE SHARE FAR AND WIDE! 


  1. Wow Catherine.!! Just watched the video with Dr David E Martin and Dr Reiner Füllmich and it's mind-blowing.!! Thank you so much from New Zealand..
  2. WOW is right! This is absolutely riveting. They are all exposed for the fraudulent, money grabbing, evil beings they are. Sadly...I fear this will fall on deaf ears unless the public stands up and DEMANDS that the truth be told to everyone! The media MUST BE held accountable as well, and taken down so that truth speakers can reach everyone, not just those who are aware and know where to look for the truth. Thank you for posting this!
    • Yuri Bezmenov describes how when a person is demoralized (in terms of KGB propaganda), you can take them to the evidence, show them everything, and they will still not believe it. That's where we are at. Too many people still asleep. I believe where most people are in the matrix is where they will remain.
  3. WOw wow wow, Catherine thank you so much for this material, if this is not evidence I dont know what is!
  4. What a red pill! Thank you so much for sharing this Catherine ... this is HUGE. God Bless Reiner Fuellmich, Dr. Martin and team. They are real heroes.
  5. Immunization Agenda 2030. A global strategy to leave no one behind. so they intend to have everyone in the world addicted to 'injections' by then? Illuminating video, thank you
  6. Dr David Martin has confirmed everything to me. The msm is a propaganda machine, and the so-called 'Delta' strain is a hoax. My intuition told me that this true a while ago. I wanted to share this, but only use my email address, not any of the other social media mentioned. I will find a way. Thank you for posting this truthful and factual information. Blessings from Australia.
    • I have always known this. There were too many basic, simple questions that were not getting answered. I am a nurse, and worked in a facility. Q tips up in our brains every week. I never came into contact with anyone, but got "vivid 19" last November. While my dictator boss took vacation to Cancun, I was forced to work while sick. I felt like I was infected via test swab. This is all falling into place now. Thank you. Please sign the petition to not discriminate against citizens who choose not to get this experimental biological gene therapy. We know that from all that received vaccinations, 62% now have micro clot problems. Please think of our children, and fight this cartel plotting to kill us.
  7. I echo all the WOWS in the comments above!! What a freaking amazing video!! And yes, it was mesmerizing! Thank you so much, Catherine, for sharing this video.
  8. I am blown away. And I want to share this video but I'm NOT computer savvy enough to figure it out. 😥
    • Mary, I will help you if you need it. I was born 100 years too late. So I understand. If you touch the 3 dots on the top right of your screen, another screen will open. Touch the SHARE logo, then your list of contacts will show up. Touch the contact you want to send this to, and voila.. after you send it, touch the bottom right "back" button. This is so important. Thank you.
  9. This is the very best explanation of the whole fraud plandemic Thanks so much Catherine I love to watch you and have been kept sane thanks to people like you telling the truth I am 74 and have been awake since 1915 it’s so hard not being able to talk about much to friends and family I live in Australia and I think a lot of people are waking up slowly I love you and all the truthers that I follow Best wishes and keep safe Barbara Poole
  10. Hi Catherine, this is mind blowing! I knew the scale of this crime was huge...but this is of seismic proportions and involves the world. This truly is a conspiracy where hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of innocent people have needlessly died at the hands of greedy, evil, wicked scum of the earth, who have profited in the billions and trillions with this scheme! This information is in the hands of one of the world’s BEST lawyers and I will also be sharing with my lawyer friend who is fighting the very corrupt, dirty Premier of my province in Canada, along with his tyrannical medical chief dictator, who continue to put their foot to the necks of the people! And the medical officer is driving a brand new Porsche, by the way, with his COVID BONUS!!! All of these monsters will end up in jail, you can count on it! I for one will not stand by and let another day of lockdown measures go by knowing what I know now. Thank you for this.
    • You might find them, if you take the numbers down, on the Justia patents search website. Anthony Fauci and Gates have loads of applications on there over years.
  11. Thank you for this excellent piece of work. I can only pray that the good doctors/lawyers are divinely protected from would be assailants who do NOT want the story ever to see the light of day.
  12. I cannot believe that money is the main motive here. If it were why would countries like Russia and others that resist the global order and have skilled biologists and virologists go along with this. They are not locking down their countries and economies over a few billion dollars. That is peanuts to a major country. There must be another major motive and they are making money as a side hustle, otherwise the global co-operation does not make sense.
    • The returns from vaccines are the new oil, the intention is cradle to grave vaccinations. Quote: "Goal: All people benefit from recommended immunizations throughout the life-course. WHO IA2030".
    • True, the driving force behind this is not money primarily but what David Icke has been saying for decades. Orwellian control and Transhumanism and a hunger games society of making 99.9% of the population in total lack of freedom society.
    • Their goal is to cull the world population down to 500,000,000, which is the number one rule engraved on their GEORGIA GUIDESTONES. Written in 8 languages, I might add. T-H-E-Y want a sustainable Feudal Society with T-H-E-M as the Noble Lords, and everyone else as a controlled robot that just does their job serving the Lords with no complaining. The Serfs will own nothing and will be happy, OR ELSE !!!!!
      • I've been crazy about this because no one is standing up, or wants to at least try and stop these criminals. We still have options. The criminals that try, and lead the masses will have to justify their actions and motives to "We the people". If we don't want these criminals killing us, and our children, we will have to stand together and stop this crap. They have stolen from us, and our families for way too long. I am a American first. And we can still protect each other, and be civil to protect our democracy, and rights. There is so much we can do. Please talk to your neighbors, co workers, old friends. Reconnect, and show empathy, and respect. WE CAN DO THIS!!
  13. So if no virus was released what did all these so called people die of.....in 2020 in lockdown.....?
  14. So how do we fight this.. how do we protect ourselves or are we at the point of no return. Life is over as we know it.
    • You fight it by not taking the vaccine. Finding ways around it even if you have to go black market. And you start growing and raising your own food - quail, chicken, rabbits, hens, small greenhouse, microgreens, regular vegetables are all things to look into. Time is running out. I remember when trying to tell people about the vaccines a decade ago and was laughed at, well, now it's here. 10 years, gone like that. Certainly by 2030 it will be too late, and I'd say much before that. Things will get harder to get, more expensive, etc. Things will get worse before they get better.
  15. at 35 minutes someone suggestedd that this was all about money, but the staement read earlier from a quote in 2015 was that the money would be a driving force to get the things they wanted which included a corona vaccine mandate and apparently all of the things we have seen through this pandemic, including a fllod of Marxism, communism and control. The money was the driving source that investors would see in order to get them to push this thru
  16. we should be going to war over this to save ourselves from any continuation of this................this is likely to have a ramping up end goal which would make any attempt to stop this progressively worse. They are killing millions of people and we have yet to organize and fight back
  17. I think it is fair to say that this ultimately convicts Fauci and his co conspirators of Murder.......................of millions of people and the attempt to corrupt the DNA and RNA of Billions of people which also is likely to be a programmed murder of billions of people. The Money is just the drivor which allows them to find investors to fund the multi facetted operation.
  18. a very good question is that we should understand what to expect from the Vaccines................Of course, we understand that they actually are not vaccines, but what are they trying to do to us with those shots???
  19. we should have people fro,m every country in the world lining up to publically hang Faucci, and the CHinese and many others at the CDC and other organiztions. Thios has killed Manny millions of people and damaged nearly a billion and is still going: We need to stop it and punish those responsible>
  20. While this very revealing, its NOT just about profit its a global depopulation agenda and war , the great rest and transhumanist agenda
    • Sure is. But I think some people toe the line with their profession, etc. He's probably one of them. Although, I heard he has a YT channel that I'm going to check out, maybe he gets into that there. Also, some people are only willing to talk about that which can be proven, or at least where they have enough evidence to make a compelling argument. I think the depopulation agenda is pretty clear cut, but sometimes it is better to focus on things that are more palatable for the masses.
  21. A lot of profound (seemingly) evidence of this worldwide scam. This presentation is more of a lot I flesh out that makes an evil agenda irrefutable to me.
  22. My experience is that 99% of the people just want to talk about the problem or bitch about it, but few actually do anything to fight the tyranny. Well, that said, everyone who reads this comment should take this link, type out a concise and to the point letter regarding this video. And then send it to all the news agencies whether it be local, national, and as well, the representatives. Ask them if they are going to be honest journalist or just continue the script that they are given to read as evidenced by these videos where all these news stations say the same thing. Which side of history do they want to be on? This CV is the 911 of today. It is our last chance IMO to thwart what is coming. If we gain traction and foil their plans or slow it down, expect a massive false flag event whether it be an EMP from war, cyber grid attack, etc. As far as depopulation, this virus hasn't achieved a scratch in the surface. So, expect something to account for a lot more deaths if 500 million is their goal. But by when do they want this achieved?
  23. Thank you Catherine, keep spreading the words of this brilliant man. My theory is that the creators of the virus who created the vaccine, will release another vaccine once the masses are vaccinated, as explained to me the genetic coded vaccine , once entered into the system, will create a sort of autoimmune response in the lungs so therefore once another virus is released you are basically a dead man. Top 1% get their trillions of dollars via sales of vaccines and testing kits then when next virus is released they will have their depopulation and their (reset), their utopia!
  24. theres a few very important factors, all you doctors have missed. ACE2 metabolizes Acid Blood Gasses. when the ACE2 cells get knocked out(by spike proteins), people die from respiratory acidosis. when people are diseased with any form of acidosis, they are more prone to viral infection. we are living in an era of increasing atmospheric, acidic volcanic gasses. "despite negative press covfefe" don trump, may 11 2017 - deleted tweet. where "fefe" is truncated latin of fefelli. the translation of fefe to english, is "scam".
    • to survive the future, stock up on sodium bicarbonate and take half a teaspoon of it, in a glass of water; whenever you get migraines/nausea/flu symptoms. those three symptoms are the first noticeable symptoms of respiratory acidosis.. random blood noses are also an early symptom. Good health to you all
  25. PCR IS NOT A TEST .. Dr. Kary Mussis expressed that in ALL of his interviews / conversations about it> It's merely a TOOL that exponentially amplifies DNA to an identifiable size ... it does NOT detect OR can be used to diagnose ANY infectious DISease ...
  26. The patent evidence is fine I guess but the the various conclusions don't match up. And that one guy was clearly laughing at the leaps of logic from the subject of the interview. There appears to be a number of preconceived ideas being brought to the table without evidence for those as well. Is everyone here convinced of all the other theories without the evidence, or is that available elsewhere? I don't understand what the many different vaccines produced by different labs are meant to be doing (e.g. they aren't all mRNA...), how they're linked to a diabolical plan, or how it seems nearly everybody on the planet doesn't know what you guys apparently know. Is there a summary I can see? I don't care how outlandish the summary comes across. A paragraph should do.
  27. When this excellent research is being completely censored on mainstream news reports across the globe....then we know the long-monied arm of the Pharma Mafia is exercising their power before our very eyes.
  28. Tbh I wish they would get the finger out and start these proceedings AS SOON AS POSSIBLE, because time is ticking and it ain't on our side I'm afraid!
  29. Since January 2020 I laid out the gpmb fiscal report and the in silico identity and that fauci is a war criminal and that HIV and sickle cell were curiously cured the day after a press release about sickle cell and HIV but no one heard about it. I feel so vindicated at this moment I could kiss every one of you!
  30. Hi Catherine. Is there any way I can get a copy of this which I can save on a hard drive / memory stick? This needs to not disappear!!!
  31. The so-called “Dr Martin” is full of crap. Check him out. Check-out his YouTube channel. Patent numbers have a lot more numbers and letters in them. He’s just a low-level hustler. Scum like that give serious “conspiracy” scholars a bad name.

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